Back Pain Treatment Albuquerque


Back pain can really slow you down. Whether you’re playing sports, fixing things around the house, spending time with your family or even just sitting at your desk, chronic back pain adds an unwelcome distraction to your life and can seriously affect your ability to do what’s most important to you. Fortunately, back pain is not something you have to live with, as there have been numerous advancements in the treatment of back pain that can seriously reduce or completely eliminate a patient’s pain. Sunrise Medical Group in Albuquerque specializes in many of these treatments for back pain, with caring medical professionals who want to help you beat your chronic back pain!

Advanced Back Pain Treatments

The first step to treating any sort of chronic pain is to first determine the root cause of the pain and its severity. From there, our team of experts will assess various treatment options to find the combination that will best combat your back pain, one of which is often RFA. At Sunrise Medical Group in Albuquerque and Santa Rosa, we specialize in a procedure known as radiofrequency ablation, or RFA, which has the ability to treat even the most severe of chronic pains by reducing the pain signals transmitted to your brain by the specific group of nerve endings which are causing you trouble. This treatment is commonly recommended to those with chronic back pain because it is both non-invasive and effective, with approximately 70% of patients who receive RFA treatment reporting a drastic decrease in their pain levels. Pain relief from an RFA treatment can last from 6 months to several years, providing you with lots of quality, pain-free time to live your life to the fullest in between treatments!

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