Lower Back Pain Treatment


Lower back pain is a common condition occurring in the lower portion of the spine causing mild to severe pain throughout the back muscles and bones, as well as the surrounding areas, such as the hips and legs. A relatively common condition, lower back pain is likely to have been experienced—to some extent—by a majority of individuals, and can be caused as a result of:

    • Old age
    • Improper lifting
    • Lifting too heavy of an item
    • Car accidents
    • Sports accidents
    • Arthritis
    • Poor posture
    • A ruptured disk
    • A fracture
    • And more

Beyond discomfort, back pain can affect nearly every aspect of an individual’s life, limiting mobility and preventing various activities.

At Sunrise Medical Pain Clinic, we believe you deserve to live pain-free and are proud to offer lower back pain treatments to help you live a better, more comfortable life. Developing an individualized treatment plan, specific to you and your body, our team guides you through the healing process and into a state of consistent, lasting relief.

If you’re looking to treat your lower back pain, look no further than Sunrise Medical Pain Clinic—home to New Mexico’s best doctors, staff, and lower back pain care!

Trusted Lower Back Pain Treatment: Radiofrequency Ablation

During an initial consultation, our doctors will examine your body and talk with you about the pain you’re experiencing. Once they’ve performed a complete evaluation, they’ll discuss treatment options with you, which are likely to include radiofrequency ablation. Also referred to as RFA, radiofrequency ablation is a non-surgical procedure that eliminates the transmission of pain signals to the brain by using heat to burn the end of a nerve. It’s performed in a single appointment at our pain clinic, and patients are typically able to return home that same day.

Patient Preferred Pain Relief

Sunrise Medical Pain Clinics is proud to provide unparalleled care to patients in Albuquerque, Santa Rosa, and the surrounding areas. Combining experienced experts with the industry’s leading technology, we’re confident that we can help you effectively manage and treat your lower back pain. Contact the location nearest you today and discover how radiofrequency ablation can provide you with relief.

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