What’s The Process?

Know the facts about RFA!

RFA is the acronym for radiofrequency ablation.

An RFA procedure prevent a nerve from sending its pain signal, thereby minimizing or eliminating the pain.

RFA was first introduced for the treatment of osteoid osteomas in the 1990s.

RFA procedures are performed under image guidance, such as X-ray screening, CT scan or ultrasound.

The procedure is minimally invasive with little to no pain during the procedure.

The heat used to fuse nerves in an RFA procedure is generated from a medium-frequency alternating current.

RFA has proven to be highly effective in treating back, neck, shoulder, face, spine, hip, joint, arm, leg and knee pain, and can provide pain relief for those suffering from headaches, fibromyalgia, shingles, cancer and post-surgery pain.

The majority of Dr. Calkins’ RFA patients live pain free long term or even permanently.

Minors are not candidates for an RFA procedure conducted by Dr. Calkins.

RFA is covered by all major insurance carriers.

Dr. Calkins performs the RFA procedure in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.