Partnering with Parents to Keep Kids Happy & Healthy!

Our goal is to help you, the parent, in caring for your children.  With Providers on staff who specialize in children’s health, your child will be in good hands day after day, year after year.

Below are a few things you’ll want to know:

WELL CHILD CHECKUPS.  We’ll send you reminders when it’s time for your child’s regular checkup to help keep your child on a continue path to wellness.

VACCINES FOR CHILDREN PROGRAM.  We participate in the Vaccines for Children Program so your child can get a well check and all required vaccinations in one visit.

PAINLESS ALLERGY TESTING.  We can painlessly test your child for allergies and treat their allergies as well.

ASTHMA TREATMENT.  Our relationship with the University of New Mexico Pediatric Pulmonary Department provides us with additional expertise in treating your child’s asthma.

PHYSICALS.  When your child or teen needs a school or work physical, be sure to bring any needed paperwork so that we can fill it out for you.

X-RAYS & LABS.  Since we’re located adjacent to Guadalupe County Hospital, it’s easy to get any needed X-rays and lab work.

ER SERVICES NEARBY.  In the case of an emergency, ER services are next door to us at Guadalupe County Hospital.

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