We love caring for seniors!

We want your golden years to be bright and beautiful!  That means helping you be as healthy and fit as possible.

Below are a few things you’ll want to know:

CHRONIC CARE PROGRAM.  Through our Chronic Care Program, we reach out to our seniors on a monthly basis to make sure you are getting the things you need to be happy and healthy.

MEDICATIONS.  We coordinate with specialists to ensure that you keep up with your medications and that your medications are compatible.

DIABETIC CARE.  Home monitoring equipment is just one of many ways we help you effectively manage your diabetes.

HOME CARDIAC MONITORING.  Ask us how home cardiac monitoring can give you peace of mind.

SLEEP APNEA.  Our home sleep screening procedures can help determine if you require treatment for sleep apnea.

SELF-MANAGEMENT SUPPORT.  We’ll work with you to set realistic, achievable health goals to help you stay on the path to wellness day after day.

ASSISTED LIVING.  If the time comes when you feel you can no longer manage on your own, we’ll help you with viable alternatives.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES.  Our Providers can provide additional services such as CGMS, Holter Monitor and Nerve Conduction testing.

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